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The International Network of Societies for Catholic Theology (INSeCT) launches regularly three-year Global Research Projects. Below you will find an overview of the previous issues and activities.

2014-2017: “A question of gender justice: the role of women in decision-making in different areas of church and society”

Pope_Francis_WomenToday’s global challenges – poverty, violence, war, ecological disasters, and human rights violations resulting from ethnic, religious, and gender discrimination – all especially affect women. Gender issues, therefore, require the special attention of the church and all disciplines of theology.

INSeCT wants to take up the call of Pope Francis who, in Evangelii Gaudium (nos. 103-104), urged theologians to contribute to an up-to-date theology of women.

2011-2013: “Redeeming Power: Overcoming Abuse in Church and Society”

Theology and Power

2005-2008: “Catholic Theology Worldwide: Regional Reports”

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