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25 years of ESCT: 1989 – 2014

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The 25 Year Jubilee of ESCT: 1989–2014

The European Society for Catholic Theology has reached its 25-year Jubilee. The founding meeting took place on 1–2 December 1989 in the Diocesan Academy “Erbacher Hof” in Mainz. Since then, the Society has established itself as a significant association on the European landscape. More than 850 Catholic theologians are involved throughout Europe in 21 national/regional sections. ESCT is the only theological association on the European scene that covers the full breadth of theological disciplines through its members, while treating theology, in all its differences, as a unity.

Read the newsletter of December 2014

The 2/2014 issue of the journal ET-Studies is devoted to celebrating our foundation 25 years ago. All our previous Presidents have made a variety of contributions for this special issue of ET on important themes that give a lively insight into the concerns and the breadth of expertise that make up the field of activities of our Society. These past Presidents are: Peter Hünermann, Tübingen (1989–1995, since then Honorary President); Hans Van der Ven, Nijmegen (1995–1998); Gerhard Larcher, Graz (1998–2001); Leo Karrer, Fribourg (2001–2004); Lieven Boeve, Leuven (2005–2009); Eamonn Conway, Limerick (2009–2011); Sigrid Müller, Vienna (2011–2013); Martin M. Lintner, Brixen (2013–).

See also the contribution in the December 2014 issue of Herder Korrespondenz, pp. 622–625: “Eine Plattform für den Dialog. 25 Jahre Europäische Gesellschaft für Katholische Theologie”.

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